by Marion Nestle
May 26 2022

More wonders of food technology: the latest on plant-based meat alterntives

Food companies are madly trying to find plant proteins they can use to make plant-based meat alternatives.  The plant-based scene is hard to keep up with, but I am trying.

  • Tracking the plant-based protein movement: From plant-based burgers to chick’n nuggets, companies have launched a variety of new products, made acquisitions and forged partnerships to be in the meat alternative space. According to the Good Food Institute, $5.9 billion has been invested in alternative protein companies — plant-based, fermentation and cultivated or cell-based — between 2010 and 2020.

Check out the variety of plants under research.

And now we have an FDA-approved ingredient that mimics blood hemoglobin.

Obviously, there is big money in the plant-based space.