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Sep 21 2007

King Corn comes to New York October 12

It’s a movie worth seeing. Here’s the trailer!

Aug 3 2007

Simpsons Movie or Burger King ad?

I’m confused. Is Simpsons a movie or a lengthy ad for Burger King? And is this about marketing to children or what? You can watch the ads and decide for yourself.

Jul 29 2007

Movies: Ratatouille and No Reservations

I love food movies. Ratatouille and No Reservations would make a great double bill. They both reveal a lot about what goes on in restaurant kitchens. Anyone can cook? Maybe, but not necessarily well.

Jul 15 2007


I have just seen Michael Moore’s indictment of America’s health care system. I think Sicko is a much more engrossing, compassionate, and important film than the reviews I’ve seen have suggested. Go see it and let me know what you think.