by Marion Nestle
Oct 5 2008

Sugars in kids’ cereals

Consumer Reports International counted the sugars and salt in kids’ products in 32 countries.  The sugars don’t look good, but they look worse in the U.S.  Kids’ cereals have lots of sugars–40% of the calories internationally but 55% in the U.S. Consumer Reports will describe the U.S. part of the survey in its November issue.  In the meantime, it says kids’ cereals changed their names from “Sugar” to “Honey” in the 1980s, but the sugars and calories are much the same.  Also in the meantime, Consumer Reports rates the cereals.  Most are the equivalent of fat-free cookies.  I wish it were easier to find a cereal that had a reasonable amount of fiber (the point of cereals, after all) and didn’t add sugars.  I’d much rather add my own, especially in the form of those crunchy brown crystals.

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  • Michelle @ What Does Your Body Good?

    Ahhh I remember BEGGING my mom for sugar cereals. Too bad the ones she thought were healthy were STILL full of sugar, just not as obviously. These days I pretty much avoid the cereal aisle altogether.

  • sid

    I like to think of most advertised cereals as sugar delivery vehicles. Somehow not quite food and more like dessert. Not quite what I’m looking for at breakfast time.