by Marion Nestle
Aug 8 2007

Eating Well on the Road: An Oxymoron?

This week’s interview with Eating Liberally comes out of our dismal experience at the Yearly Kos convention (see post) at the McCormick center in Chicago. I didn’t mention the food because it was so 1980s. Surely, Chicago can do better, and does in other parts of the city. It’s also posted at Huffington Post.

  • Bix

    I loved this phrase from your interview:
    “Once people have better food, there’s no going back.”

    Give people a taste of freedom (or good food), and they won’t tolerate less. I agree with you. While it’s important to make changes at the individual level, it’s equally important to make changes at local and national levels. Oh, I’d love to see a better distribution of good food choices in this country.

    (Love your books!)

  • elfling

    Food is getting better. I agree with kat’s assessment of Amtrak – but I have to say my expectations were low enough that I was impressed that there were vegetarian options at all. The veggie stir fry was salty – but it was a true veggie entree, not “here, have some iceberg lettuce.” I’m not a vegetarian but I like vegetarian food.

    When I compare the options available today to the 80’s, I can see how far we’ve come. People complain about bottled water – but I remember the times when we’d be on a road trip and the only beverages I could buy at a convenience store was soda or sugary pretend juice. Being able to buy water and carry water bottles around is an improvement.

    But yes, food is a key reason I dislike travel these days. It is a challenge to carry non-perishable, non-gel, non-liquid foods with you that will last not only a plane trip, but for a whole day. (Whole wheat avocado sandwiches are my most successful option.) In a strange city, finding a nice, inexpensive, healthy restaurant isn’t always easy (hat tip to DailyKos’ OrangeClouds115 for making a list of Chicago restaurants).

    In some cities I’ve travelled to, the best salads by far were at Wendy’s.

  • I eat at Chipotle. They’re commitment to food with integrity gives me plenty of options when travelling, including Naturally Raised Meats (no antibiotics, no added growth hormones, all vegetarian diet and humanely raised) rBGH-free sour cream and cheese, 25% organic Beans and a delicious blend of fresh ingredients. It sure beats forcing your body to process the processed ingredients of many “on the road” choices.