by Marion Nestle
Nov 2 2007

The revolving door: better than ever!

Such things never cease to amaze. The Grocery Manufacturers of America, a lobbying and trade organization for the retail food industry, has just recruited Robert Brackett as its new senior vice president in charge of regulatory affairs. And who could possibly be better qualified. To take this job, Mr. Brackett will be leaving his position as director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, the part of FDA that deals with food issues. I hope they are paying him tons of money.

  • How is they allow this revolving door stuff. Coming straight from the FDA to a lobby group like this seems like a massive conflict of interest…does it not?

  • Jane

    Upper management from the FDA get cushy jobs in pharmacuetical companies, food lobbies, etc. all the time. It’s why the FDA is so ineffective at what it’s supposed to be doing-protecting the public health.