by Marion Nestle
Jan 19 2008

After an outcry from consumers…

  • Pennsylvania backs down from its decision to ban labels on milk cartons that say the cows were not treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone.
  • A European ethics panel says cloned animals should not be allowed on the market.
  • McDonald’s backs down from its “food prize” program (Happy Meals for good grades) in Florida.
    All that in just one day. Signs of a social movement anyone?
  • Hi Marion,
    I’m a freelance writer preparing an article on organic foods (an introductory for readers who are mystified by the labels and what they mean), and I’d like to interview you as an expert. Please contact me at, and I’d love to ask a few specific questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • rj

    What are the possibly negative consequences from consuming say cloned poultry? Does it have to do with abnormal gene expressions which may somehow impact the composition of said food item? This also makes me wonder about why genetically modified foods fire off alarms with some people. After looking over pubmed journals, it would seem — with respect to genetically modified foods — that studies on livestick that were fed GM foods have concluded GM foods are safe. And as a cow is not radically different from us, biochemically speaking, that you could infer that GM foods are safe for humans too. What are your thoughts on this, Marion?

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  • A social movement indeed. It’s exciting and heartening to see people beginning to demand real food, especially here in the US, the ‘belly of the beast.’ These issues are more and more part of popular consciousness– for which you can take some credit, Dr. Nestle. I hope this is just the beginning.