by Marion Nestle
Feb 1 2008

New report on marketing to kids in schools

CSPI has just completed its investigation of the extent of food marketing in the Montgomery County, Maryland, school district. Guess what? There is plenty of it, even in elementary schools:30% of elementary schools use candy, baked goods, soda, fast food, or restaurant food at fundraisers. Guess what? Most of the marketing in junior high and high schools is also for junk foods. And all this is still happening despite excellent wellness policies. We have work to do!

  • Andrea Semenuk

    My dilemma is that I live in a town where the Wellness policy does not apply (Scarsdale, NY) because we do not receive any federal funding for school lunches. Also, there is no obesity problem here. However, the food that is brought into the schools (elementary so far) intended for distribution (bday parties, cultural exchanges, holiday parties, etc) is most often way below the Wellness guidelines. The parents and teachers and administrators feel that since there is no obesity problem, that there is no need to focus on improving nutrition. The school routinely use candy corn and oreos as ‘tools’ for learning. I am at my wits end trying to stop this nonsense and seem to be one of the very few who care. I am teaching my kids to make good choices, however, they are minors and need guidance. I feel that food in a school like ours (no lunch program) has no place. Each parent should provide for his or her child and NOT be able to feed my child. Apparently, there is no law on my side. HELP!!!