by Marion Nestle
Mar 14 2008

My first pet food interview!

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m working on a couple of books about pet food. The first, Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine, comes out in September from University of California Press (no info there yet, but soon, hopefully). After the Pet Expo in San Diego, I was interviewed by Pet Connection about this book and the next one, What Pets Eat, which I’m doing with Malden Nesheim for Harcourt, and which won’t be out for years.

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  • Sheila

    I am so glad to see somebody with a public voice speak about the vulnerability of the pets and our responsibility/desire to keep them safe. They are not “just” pets to many of us. For some of us, they are valued, loved members of the family, and we want to see them fed safe food just as we want to have safe food for ourselves.
    And, I am glad to see awareness raised about the ease with which the same contaminants can be hidden in the human food supply. We get wheat gluten and rice gluten in processed human food also, and would not easily know if it had been adulterated with melamine (or other substances).
    However, I am not sure I buy the idea that China has cleaned up the food production safety issues. They may be working on it, but they have such a huge processing and manufacturing sector, and prior to now have had such poorly organized and ineffective safety inspections, I just don’t believe they have had the opportunity to completely reverse all the factors that allow contaminants to find their way into the processed food products.

  • Remember when we fed table scraps to our pets? When did industry dupe us into thinking that food we would eat ourselves was “unsafe” for our four-legged friends, while food that most of us wouldn’t eat for love or gold was the perfect diet for Fido and Fluffy?

  • Now more and more pets, and pet food more attention.

  • Fentry

    I don’t believe the Chinese have any more incentive to police their products than we do–remember the unprecedented meat recall a few months ago?