by Marion Nestle
Aug 25 2008

USDA releases report on school lunch program

The USDA has just published an analysis of its school lunch program. Among other useful information–the history, funding, etc–this report asks an interesting and pointed question: Does the school lunch program promote obesity in order to support industrial agriculture? The answer: it just might. This is a must-read for anyone interested in doing anything to make school lunches better for health and the environment.

And here’s a commentary in the San Francsico Chronicle from some folks on the front line of school lunches in the San Francisco Bay area.  Even a little more money would go a long way.

  • I always am amazed at what they serve at school functions, and for school fundraising activities…. cupcake days (why can’t this be muffin days?), pizza days (why not use a whole grain crust) served with cookies- no vegetables or fruit.

    I get parents who look at me like I have a third head when I make these suggestions, whereas for me, it’s just a no-brainer!

    Kudos to those in the San Francisco area who are doing their best to provide healthy lunches on a tight budget!

  • It will be a splendid day when there are alternatives to dairy served for the school meals! Soy Milk, Rice Milk or some similar beverages would be great.

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