by Marion Nestle
May 23 2009

And now…orange juice!

I’ve been hearing about Alyssa Hamilton’s new book (pub date: May 26) for some time now.  It’s called “Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice.”  From what I can tell, it takes on the orange juice industry for processing the joy out of the juice.  Hamilton is currently with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis.  She is Canadian and the Toronto Star has just interviewed her about the book.

I’m looking forward to reading it.  My son in California has an orange tree growing in his backyard.  The juice from its oranges is delicious even though it doesn’t taste nearly as sweet as commercial orange juice.   Orange juice producers want to offer a stable, consistent product.  It sounds like this book suggests that the taste-and-health costs of that consistency are pretty high.

  • The Boston Globe did a great interview with her a few months ago (at It was enough to convince me to stop drinking commercially produced orange juice.

  • I’ve heard (wait, maybe it was from your book!) that oranges are sprayed with crazy amounts of pesticides, then the whole thing including peel is pressed into OJ. That was all the info I needed to stay the heck away! I have a juicer and fresh organic oranges juiced at home are SO delicious.

  • Anthro

    I just peel an orange and eat it–yummy. Juice is just extra calories, who needs ’em?

    Drinking orange juice to get vitamin C is another one of those mantras shoved in our faces by Big Food and advertising. I east the required amount of fruit and veggies (at least) each day and get all the vitamin C I need.

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