by Marion Nestle
Feb 20 2013 too political for China? Really?

My not quite son-in-law is stage managing a play in China, and writes:

I looked at the pictures of Mayor Koch and you in your kitchen last week and it worked fine.  Now I’m here in Shenzhen & Internet Explorer isn’t able to open your Blog.   See!  That’s what you get for all those nasty things you said about the Chinese baby formulas and pet foods!

I guess he’s referring to my posts on the deliberate adulteration of pet food and infant formula with melamine.  Is this site really blocked?  If so, is it really a threat to the Chinese state?

Seems far-fetched, no?  Anyone know anything about this?

  • Jeremy

    Yes, it appears to be blocked. There’s a website that probes the so-called “Great Firewall of China” and allows you to submit any test URL. Go to, click the “Test URL” tab and put in what you want to test. Many sites are blocked, for reasons known only to China’s netminders.

  • Vivian

    It could be that your blog posts can be linked to Facebook, which China blocks. But this is just my guess.

    China has been having some serious food issues, though. As far as I know, some food companies produce many “fake foods” that are very unhealthy, such as infant formula, and many of them were imported to Taiwan that later on turned into a somewhat political issue. It would be disappointing to know that if they really block your website, for all the important issues that they are missing out..

  • Yes I agree with Vivian, there is still lots of food issues in china. Specially in baby food products and anybody with money can bribe their way out of criminal and corruption cases in China. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • teejam

    Fortunately it seems your sight is now again available in China. What often happens is the govt will make it more difficult for users to access websites with potentially negative information during periods of political sensitivity. I believe there was an official Party Congress meeting during February, which may be why your site was targeted.

  • Anne Bell

    US Pharmacopeia is helping manufacturers identify tainted milk powder – and working with the Chinese government to improve food ingredient quality and regulation.