by Marion Nestle
Nov 27 2020

Weekend reading: Jennifer Clapp’s 3rd edition of Food

Jennifer Clapp.  Food.  3rd edition.  Polity Press, 2020.  

Food (Resources): Clapp, Jennifer: 9781509541775: Books

I did a blurb for this one, as I did for the previous two editions:

In this newly updated edition of Food, Jennifer Clapp explains how our current global food system affects every aspect of what we eat and, therefore, our health and welfare. Food unpacks and clarifies what is happening now in the industrialized marketing of food and its international trade, control by corporations, and financialization.  As for what is to be done, Clapp provides a roadmap to a food system that promotes the health of people and the environment, in ways that ensure food justice, equity, and sovereignty.