by Marion Nestle
Mar 8 2023

Bill Marler’s new campaign: Get the F out of the FDA

Food safety lawyer Bill Marler is calling for a new food agency on the grounds that the “FDA food reorganization plan is a “dismal failure.”

His campaign includes online advertisements, social media promotion, and survivors of foodborne illness coming to Washington DC to visit Congressional leaders and hand out “GET THE F OUT OF THE FDA” t-shirts. (Marler also will give free t-shirts to the first 100 people to request one at—I’ve already asked for one)

Marler represents victims of food poisonings and thinks the FDA is not nearly as concerned about food safety as it needs to be because its primary focus is on drugs.

He’s also planning to run ads: “Food safety is suffering at FDA because the people at the top are doing drugs.”

He does have a sense of humor.  Marler is dead serious about cleaning up our ongoing, endless food safety problems.

Will this help?  Let’s hope.


A separate food agency might be able to address what Bill Frist, Dan Glickman, and Jerold Mande are calling for: preventing unsafe food in all its manifestations, not only acute microbial, but also hyper-caloric.