by Marion Nestle
Apr 6 2010

Recent news about BPA

You almost have to be sorry for soft drink companies these day.  The latest blow?.  BPA has been found in soft drink cans in Canada (and, presumably, here?).

And the Danes have banned BPA from food packages targeted to children, no doubt, as  the Swiss have shown, bottle-fed infants get the greatest exposure.

In the meantime, everyone keeps saying that current exposures are below safety limits.  Maybe, but the FDA has just released five background documents that it is using as a basis for its current view (“some concern”) and future decision.

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  • Cathy Richards

    Here is Environment Canada’s report that started the ball really rolling here.
    When I first saw it I was overwhelmed — it really is written for scientists and epidemiologists. However, if you “control F” to find the word “pregnant” you will see a number of quite concerning references. It’s NOT just about baby bottles.

    Health Canada’s statement following this report was like tapping on a massive boulder with your pinkie to try to split it in two.

  • Cathy Richards

    And I’m not feeling the least bit sorry for soft drink manufacturers. Not one smidge. They are smart cookies, and know all about BPA. They have made a conscious informed decision to keep using it, and to aggressively influence research and lobby various governments to continue to permit them to do so. Even ignoring what they put in the cans, they have made their bed (and ours)…they can lie in it. Pun is intended and unfortunate.

    Eden Foods has been using a BPA free can liner for quite a few years — adds a few cents to the price of the can for consumers, but it’s the right thing to do. I think the big league soft drink companies make enough profit that they could eat up the extra cost or recover it through benefits in share prices arising from advertising a new and improved corporate ethic (a little oxymoronic I know).

  • Yeah – they all say that it’s within safety limits – because they want to keep using it. They don’t really know, or if they do, they wouldn’t tell anyone. We need to adopt more of the “precautionary principle” when it comes to introducing new chemicals into our food.

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  • According to Fast Company, there are only five companies in the United States that make BPA: Bayer, Dow, Hexion Speciality Chemicals, Sunoco, and SABIC Innovative Plastics. Together, they rake in $6 billion per year manufacturing BPA. So, it’s entirely in their best interests to show that BPA is safe.

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  • Neil

    Dad tells I drink too much soda. I know of BPA and have learned about epigenetics. Dr. Nestle know I now I need to switch to water. Would someone please ban this chemical crap!