by Marion Nestle
Jun 9 2011

“A plate? For food? Americans don’t use plates.”

I know I said I was done with USDA’s MyPlate, but some of the later commentary is not to be missed.

Steven Colbert, for example, has an interesting take on it (that’s his quote):








And so does the pseudonymous “Ruth Bourdain” (no, I have no idea who she or he might be, but I wish I did):

There.  That looks better.



  • Marion

    @Beth: Sorry. That one’s a spoof too. Try again.

  • Ruth Bourdain is a witty and usually profane collaboration between Anthony Bourdain and Ruth Reichl.

  • Cathy Richards

    Thanks Marion, the Colbert video made my day. Normally we can’t see his online videos in Canada, so great that this site worked for us! It is toooo funny!

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  • Enjoyed you on WBUR the other day!
    As for My Plate, I propose a Chinese food container instead of a plate. Do you think it’ll fly with USDA?

  • Anthro

    “Americans don’t use plates” got me wondering if fast food chains will try for something that has the “plate” proportions in something you can hold in one hand while driving? Not being portable is the problem (well, one of the problems) with their salads and oatmeal. The tortilla is a good way to do this perhaps?–veggies, not oatmeal. The wraps tend to have too many calories for many people.

    The main problem is that they think “vegetables” means iceberg lettuce, three shreds of carrot and a slice of cucumber with maybe a cherry tomato. The worst one is celery sticks! How much nutrition is in a stalk of celery?

  • That plate is ALL WRONG. Here’s the CORRECTED plate:

    Bottom Left: Soda
    Bottom Right: Beef
    Top Left: Fries
    Top Right: Fowl
    Circle: Ketchup

  • Jon

    It’s more

    Bottom left: Soda
    Bottom right: Candy
    Top left: Fries
    Top right: Ice cream
    Circle: Diet soda (because I’m watching my weight)

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