by Marion Nestle
Jun 19 2014

Corn Refiners to test the new food label

ProPolitico writes that the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) and five other industry groups have written the FDA that they intend to fund their own research on the FDA’s proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label.

The FDA already has a research project underway.

Why would the CRA—the trade association for the makers of high fructose corn syrup—want to bother with an expensive and complicated research project like this?

In an interview, John Bode, CRA president and CEO, told Politico:

The FDA has estimated that changes to the label could cost the industry $2.3 billion, but ‘we suspect that is a very conservative number.

OK.  So one purpose of the research will be to prove that the new food label will cost industry a lot more money than the FDA estimates.

Let me take a guess here and surmise that another purpose will be to prove that listing “added sugars” on food labels “misleads” the public.

This will be industry-funded research.  No matter how well it appears to be done, it is highly likely to produce the answers the CRA wants.

Otherwise, why do it?

If you are a betting person, this one looks like a sure thing.

FDA: finish up those studies and get the results out!

Addition, June 20:  Legal analysts, one a former attorney for CSPI who now works for a law firm representing industry clients, advise against putting “added sugars” on the label.  


  • BOKinLarksville

    They are full of it!!! They will waste Millions $$$ to distract the public.. Both the industry and the FDA is a joke!!

  • Any product that has high fructose corn syrup listed as an ingredient -doesn’t go in my shopping cart. (Is the CRA also going to try and change the name again?)

    How about the cost of health care for type 2 diabetes from their “ingredients” that requires a PhD in chemistry to manufacture. The movie FedUp provides great insight in to the true cost of sugar on America’s health. And, no matter how you peel it – there’s no comparison of the sugar in an orange vs. high fructose corn syrup.

    Any one else find it strange that America (and her children) have never been fatter or sicker and we can’t seem to figure out why? Meanwhile, study after study tells us everything is fine with our highly processed, genetically engineered, artificially flavored, HFCS “food” supply.

    Best health,

  • KentComments

    Note that FDA is still taking comments on the proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts panel, so those of us who support labeling for added sugars and other improvements can voice their support in a way that directly affects the regulatory process and not just amongst ourselves 🙂 .

  • TR

    The difference is that the Industry chooses to be a joke and the FDA gets lobbied (by the Industry) into being a joke.