by Marion Nestle
Jul 1 2016

Reading for the long weekend: Jennifer Grayson’s “Unlatched”

Jennifer Grayson.  Unlatched: The Evolution of Breastfeeding and the Making of a Controversy.  Harper. 2016.

I thought this book had plenty to say and said it well (and has a great cover).  I did a blurb for it:

Unlatched is a deeply engaging, highly personal, well researched, and thoughtfully balanced account of how modern society has denormalized breastfeeding.  Jennifer Grayson does not expect every mother to follow her example and breastfeed babies for three or four years.  Instead, she asks us to consider how formula feeding became the norm and how government policies perpetuate it as the norm (see especially the stunning chapter on the Women, Infants, and Children program).  She argues compellingly that our challenge as a society is to restore breastfeeding as the default for feeding babies, and to provide the support—political as well as emotional–that mothers need to breastfeed successfully.

  • Choosing the natural option is always the best bet when making healthy decisions. Jennifer Grayson’s book supports this health principle.

  • SAO

    I’ve found there’s so much ignorance about breastfeeding and the issues facing mothers who want to nurse. You’d think from the way some people react to breastfeeding in public that women can turn on and off their breasts like taps. Or that a feeding is going to take a minute or two, rather than the half hour or more a normal meal takes.