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Feb 25 2021

Online: San Francisco State College

I’m giving a talk at noon PST/3:00 EST to SF State’s Student Nutrition and Dietetics Association.  The Zoom link will be posted at

Jan 21 2021

Online: EcoFarm 2021: Reimagining Our Future

I’m doing a short keynote on January 20 from 4:30-6:15 PST (7:30-9:15 EST).  The conference website is here.   The schedule for the conference is here.   Information about my session is here.

Jan 13 2021

Online: Oxford Real Farming Conference

I’m speaking at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, which starts January 7 and runs until January 15.  The conference website is here.   It is free, but registration is required.  My talk is on a panel at noon, East Coast time: Refreshing the Food System; the Intersection of Food, Agriculture and Technology.  Information about the panel is here.  The other panelists are Don Bustos and Joi Chevalier.  The chair is Danielle Nierenberg.

Dec 16 2020

Online: Israel Forum for Sustainable Nutrition

I’m giving a talk on sustainable diets to the Israel Forum for Sustainable Nutrition.  Register at that link.   More about the Forum and the Steinhardt Museum is here.  This is at 7:00 p.m. in Israel, noon in New York.  My talk is on food systems in the coronavirus era, US perspective.

Dec 9 2020

Online: Jewish Community Center conference on food and health

I’m participating in a two-day virtual conference: Fortify Your Health with Food.  At 11:00 am, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is talking about his new book, Healthy at Last, and the story behind his leadership on issues of nutrition and healthy food access.  At noon, I’m giving a talk on What You Need to Know About the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health.  The conference schedule and registration information is here.

Dec 7 2020

Online: Australian panel discussion on El Susto

“El Susto” (The Shock) is a documentary film about how soda companies are contributing to Type 2 diabetes in Mexico, and how public health advocates took them on.  I’m on a panel discussing the film with Yasmin Poole moderating: Other panelists are Dr Sandro Demaio CEO, VicHealth,  Simon Barquera, Mexico (who is in the film), Alexandra Jones, Australia, global health lawyer, Prof Rob Moodie, Australia, University of Melbourne, and Jane Martin, Australia.  The timing is tricky.  The webinar is on Tuesday 8 December, 9am—Australia time.  That makes it Monday, 7 December, 5:00 p.m. New York City time.   More information and registration is here.

Dec 1 2020

Online: Recalibrating the Restaurant Industry

I’m on a panel moderated by Clark Wolf @clarkwolfsays, with Mitchell Davis  @kitchensense, Krishnendu Ray @Raykris1, and Traci DesJardins,  @chef_traci to talk about the critical topic of restaurants today and tomorrow as they face today’s horrendous challenges.  This is part of the Critical Topics series at NYU’s @FalesLibrary. 5:00 p.m. sharp.   Free, but registration required at this link.

Nov 12 2020

Online: University of Georgia

This is the Inaugural Food, Power and Politics Lecture at the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries and College of Family and Consumer Sciences.  It’s at 3:00 p.m.  Information and registration is here.