by Marion Nestle
Jun 8 2008

Tyson’s antibiotic-free ploy, checkmated

Thanks to Susan Schneider, who writes a blog on agricultural law (now added to my blogroll), for alerting me to her post about the Tyson’s antibiotic-free claim on the labels of its antibiotic-treated chickens. This is a good story–one of the usual deceit and denial–and she tells it well. Enjoy?

  • Janet Camp

    I will kook at the blog, but I think the answer is that as anti iotics are illegal to use for poultry, it is disingenuous, at best, to use “no antibiotics” as a labelling gimmick. This kind of stuff just drives me nuts at the store! “wheat” bread is the other one–the intent is to imply that the bread is WHOLE wheat. Along with that one is “whole grain” when the first ingredient is almost always white flour. I complain about this even at the coop and they are always ignorant of the distinction! Does anybody read?

  • Janet Camp

    I should have read first! I am thinking of organically grown chicken perhaps?

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