by Marion Nestle
Nov 14 2011

Occupy Against Big Food: Rescheduled for November 19

For what this is about, see the charts on income inequality collected by Mother Jones.

  • To prevent the lack of goals and objectives that so far have characterized the Occupy movement, let comments here say what signs you would carry. Mine would be:

  • NYFarmer

    Be aware of the domination of a few large companies over the US food supply. came up with the idea of having a regular farmer (me) on with Heather Squires, one of the people feeding Occupy Wall Street.
    Click on the photo of Anne Saxelby with a wheel of cheese to get to the Cutting the Curd show. Listen to archived Episode 78 “Small Cheese Occupies Big Food”
    “What does dairy farming have to do with Occupy Wall Street?” is a topic discussed. Thanks, Heritage Radio, for giving us, the regular dairy farmers, a chance to say what Occupy Wall Street means to us.

  • Morgan

    Bloomberg in his statement on the forceful eviction of OWS protesters at Zuccotti Park said that his interests lay in: “guaranteeing public health and safety, and guaranteeing the protestors’ First Amendment rights. But when those two goals clash, the health and safety of the public and our first responders must be the priority.” Perhaps we can ask that food manufacturers have overstepped their right to free speech in peddling junk food to children? Shouldn’t we also be concerned with their health and safety as well? Bloomberg has done a lot of good advocating for public health, but this misuse of government suppression in the name of public health is very concerning and hypocritical. I hope you have a lively and productive conversation on Saturday.

  • Anthro

    I don’t have a problem with GMO’s and I hope that isn’t what this is about. I hate what Monsanto does with the technology, but that’s a separate issue.

    Before you reply, be ready with credible (published in peer-reviewed, recognized journals) evidence. I’ve spent a great deal of time looking into this, and have yet to find any evidence of harm to humans or environment from GMO technology. It sounds kinda creepy to me too, but so did electricity to my great-grandmother–and a feeling of creepiness is not evidence of harm.

  • Leslie

    My sign is simple and direct (those are the best kind for prancing fashionably around at tres chic protests!): “FEAR FOOD, HATE INDUSTRY!” On the back it will say: “Just say NO to safe abundant affordable food”

    My T-shirt will say: “Down with poor people – who needs ’em?”

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  • Are we still on for Saturday? Anyone else gonna be there?!? Time?